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Returning To The Source Of Experience


Bill Canfield: Milford, CT

What’s it all about?…   It’s all about Thought!

I found myself saying something to a client the other day. I about fell off my chair because it came totally out of the blue but it rang with such truth that I found myself reflecting on it the following day. This is what came out of my mouth:  We have the ability to create experience in order to experience creation.
The 3 principles show us how we are able to experience creation (including ourselves) through Mind, Thought and Consciousness. They also show us that we are capable of thinking about what we just thought. We can decide if it serves us (or anyone else) well; to continue down that road or take a detour and wait for a better thought to come along. Somehow a better thought always does come along.
We have the gift of choice. We have free will to accept the view we’re getting or wait for a better view to appear. It always does. All it takes is a little patience and a willingness to let go of our hold on the thinking that gives us a bad feeling.
I know it doesn’t always appear that way. Sometimes it seems as though we have no choice but to believe in something that is giving us a bad feeling and in fact, we can find any number of ways to validate what we think.
I’ve heard people say things like: “my life sucks,” when at other times the same person can realize what an amazing gift it is to be a conscious human in a world of infinite Universes with vast, breathtaking landscapes and an array of birds and animals that the best Disney or Pixar artists could never come up with.

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