Coaching For Your Personal & Professional Life

Would your life feel different if all this were possible?

Absolutely…enormous positive changes from within are possible.  A solid sense of self, effortless and automatic, is available to everyone simply by gaining a deep understanding of the 3 Principles at the core of human experience. No matter what your current circumstance or background has been, you too, can prove this to be true just as I did.  Please click here for a sample of what is possible.

Clients, marriage counselors, MD’s, Ph.D’s, drug and alcohol counselors, and CEO’s, alike, have been astounded by the results they’ve been able to achieve.

Understanding Three Principles offers:

  • Access to your innate health in any moment
  • A road map to healthier relationships
  • A pathway to realize your own creativity, unique talents, and potential
  • Proof that your mind can change and move in a better direction
  • The ability to bring out the best in yourself, your family, friends, employees, and children

We work with:

Do you want to know how to improve your life?

  • Get along better with others
  • Be more productive
  • Increase your motivation
  • Go through life’s challenges with more grace and ease
  • Improve your current relationship rather than divorce

Most of us live in a world of thought. This is not optimal and in fact creates problems. It is far better to live from the understanding of how your thinking, which is impermanent, creates your life. Knowing how this works can turn your life inside-out in the most beautiful way imaginable.

You can create a nice experience…

Did you know that you have infinite choice to create a life for yourself?
Sometimes it appears as though we are led or pushed into our jobs, our mates, having children, and so forth. Since we are co-creators with the energy behind all creation, we can all learn how to use that energy wisely. When you become aware of  this capacity, it will empower you to steer your life in a healthier direction. Those of us who understand how our experience of life is formed, have found outstanding results. Marriages are being saved, long term psychological wounds are being healed, formerly dysfunctional families are becoming loving and supportive, job satisfaction is improving, parent-child communication is shifting, individuals are finding peace and happiness after years of depression and anxiety, and some have become motivated and productive after years of apathy.

There are numerous stories of growth and success just from understanding the origins of the human experience, explained by 3 simple, yet profound, principles.

Many wonderful teachers have shown me the way, and now it’s my turn to show you.

If you are facing uncertainty and don’t know what to do, even if you have already tried marriage counseling, please read on.

Our intellects can help us solve a math problem or follow directions, but our intellects have also been programmed to believe things that limit us or even work against us, even when we’re not aware of it. We all have an internal guidance system that will effectively guide us  through life, when we know how to access it. Learning how to tap into your wisdom at the right times will assist you with:

  • your relationships
  • your love life
  • your career
  • your friendships
  • your creativity and productivity
  • your future
  You are capable of creating a satisfying life; it’s easy and it won’t take years of therapy. I invite you to find out how.
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