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Couples Retreats

Couples Retreats are designed with you in mind.

Imagine the ability to speak to your partner’s heart and by-pass the thinking that gets the two of you in trouble. A change of heart is possible, for all of us, at any moment. Couples have the ability to cause each other great suffering. Our Couples Retreats are based on Three Principles that hold the potential to relieve human suffering like no other breakthrough in human history. We invite you to experience a level of mental health that you may not have ever experienced in your lifetime. Here is what a participant had to say:

“I am extremely grateful to you for the insights I have gained. The idea of stepping back from ego and focusing, instead, on the sacredness of our relationship feels natural to me, almost intuitive. It resonates with the deepest part of me in a way I cannot quantify.  Much like dominoes, I sense this new regard for our relationship will inspire me to move outside of ego so I can deep listen, with curiosity and acceptance rather than agenda and bias, and this deep listening will allow me to rediscover Mike, myself, and the gift that is our relationship.  I cannot fully express my gratitude for your part in this process.”

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Couples Retreats