We are our own best Valentine!

I had a beautiful thought in the middle of a gym workout today that I want to share with you. Out of the blue it occurred to me how nice it was that I have a really lovely vision for a high level love filled relationship. Then I thought about how I sometimes (more often than I care to admit) get into low level thinking about why I’m not manifesting that for myself. Why have I found myself in the position to help other people with their relationships but yet I don’t have one of my own to work on? You know; the what’s wrong with me, pity pot thinking that is so insidious. In the next moment I realized that every time I sink into that sort of thinking I also have the opportunity to remember how great it is that I even have a vision for a positive, loving relationship in the first place.

It’s far better for me to be grateful for my imagination than to be disappointed that my life doesn’t match it. Then it occurred to me how much luckier I am to be single with great vision than married with a poor vision. Gratitude feels so much healthier than disappointment. Our thoughts really do create an experience for us, in each and every moment, asleep or awake. No matter what happens to us, we are the ones who give us the experience of it. If we get a speeding ticket on the way to work we either give ourselves the experience of a terrible awful world that makes us pay for our mistakes or we give ourselves the experience of gratitude for being stopped before something really awful happened to us. The choice is always ours. When my clients complain that their husband works too long and too hard outside of the home they can have the experience of giving themselves the experience of having a husband who cares enough about his family to work hard and long for them instead of sneaking out to a bar with the guys. It’s all about what we tell ourselves and then what we believe to be true. What we believe to be true is up for grabs, whether we realize it or not.

Have you ever thought one thing was true one day and then the very next day see it completely the opposite? I think if we all reflected on that long enough we could come up with at least one instance to prove the point. Our thoughts change and then our experience of reality changes. Which one is the right one? I, for one, don’t believe there is a right one. I believe that whatever one we’re having seems to us to be the right one. But it’s just our personal reality masquerading as a static, never changing, always true and right reality. The only thing on this planet that is always true, right and unalterable are Principles. Whether we know about them, understand them or care about them, they are always true, right and unalterable. Principles come before thought. We can think about them but our thoughts don’t create them. The Principle of gravity would be one example. It has always existed but humankind did not always know it. At one time the world was thought to be flat and no one paid attention to the fact that things dropped rather than floated. The Principles behind the human experience are another example: Mind, Thought and Consciousness were not created by anyone’s imagination. They have always been here. How else have we been able to experience ourselves and the world around us? Once Gravity was discovered, all sorts of things were possible to attain. Aeronautics made it possible to travel distances never before imagined. Once the Principles behind human experience were discovered (1975) it became possible to recognize that thinking was an ability; and that we could use this ability, like a tool, for our betterment or for our demise.

We can think that we’re unlucky in love or we can think that we just haven’t connected with someone who resonates with us yet. We can love our imagination that conjures up a beautiful relationship full of loving kindness or we can long for love that is missing from our lives. The choice is always there whether we recognize it or not. Now, I’m not suggesting that you make up a pretty thought or some other form of positive thinking. What I am saying is that we are free to accept our healthy, happy thoughts and dismiss our unhealthy, torturous thoughts. We have an amazing gift of thought to be used any way we choose. Realize that I’ve not been referring to the personal thought process thinking that I, Lori, am wonderful. I’m referring to the impersonal Universal Mind that we are all a part of and we all partake of. To be a part of Universal Mind is awe-inspiring. How can anyone resist loving this aspect of one self? It’s who we really are. It’s the spiritual nature of what everyone on this planet is a part of. When we look at it this way, who wouldn’t love themselves? When we look at it this way, it’s easy to love ourselves with all of our personal weaknesses and short comings. Then, it is also easy to love others with all of their personal weaknesses and all their personal shortcomings. Because underneath; is pure consciousness, uncontaminated by personal thinking.

Lori Carpenos

Lori Carpenos