"The Secret of Love, Unlock the Mystery, Unleash the Magic”

I am delighted to announce that my upcoming relationship book, “The Secret of Love, Understand the Mystery, Unlock the Magic” will be published late 2018. It is currently available in iBooks. In this video I am joined by my co-author Christine Heath.


It's An Inside-Out World

"It's an Inside-Out World" explores a new paradigm of reality that enhances and improves the way people relate to one another. The paradigm shift is real, but the story line is fictional. Two girls, who are learning about the effects of feelings and emotions and how they originate, do a test to discover whether feelings come from inside or outside themselves.

As they see how to calm their minds, they begin to realize that fresh, new, positive thoughts naturally take the place of insecure thinking. They learn that they don't have to take other peoples' thinking personally because they are free to create their own reality. There is unlimited potential and the free will to choose which thoughts to act upon and which thoughts to let go.

Author Lori Carpenos - 3 principles therapy coaching - personal growth - relationships

Healthy thinking/feeling/doing from the inside out

This curriculum and guide is designed for maximum flexibility in teaching and contains 26 sessions, including such topics as innate health; the different ways we think, feelings and emotions; moods; programmed thinking, levels of understanding; self-esteem vs. self-image, insecurity and fear, stress, habits, learning from mistakes, relationships and conflict, peer pressure, dealing with hurts, what to do when you’re heading down a difficult path, and more.