Group Therapy


For those interested in becoming more grounded in an understanding of the Principles as well as in improving personal experience, a group therapy setting is ideal. It creates an environment conducive to anchoring what was learned in private sessions and offers the opportunity to observe and learn from others and their experiences, as well. It also helps you develop a sense of connection with others who are engaged in learning more about the Principles.

Group Therapy:
You also benefit by observing the way I deal with situations that others bring up in the group. It works best if individuals have a few private sessions with me and then move into group sessions where I will continue to teach you the fundamentals of the human psychological experience through the perspective of the Three Principles uncovered bySydney Banks. Referred to as the human “operating system,” it is responsible for our personal experience of life.

Once you have a solid understanding, gained through private sessions and readings, it will make sense for you to join a group session. Groups consist of people with varying degrees of understanding, though there is always at least one person other than myself, who has been a student of the Principles long enough to witness remarkable personal changes. Thus, we learn from one another. Learning takes place via curiosity and insights. The more we look in the direction of where experience originates; from our own thoughts, which includes ideas, deeply held beliefs, conditioning, and habits of thinking, the more we gain a healthy perspective over our life events. This translates to feeling more in control of your life. A simple sharing of insights leads group members to progress exponentially in their personal development.

“I was introduced to the three principles when looking for ways to reduce worry in general and anxiety in social settings in particular.  When I began to see the role thought plays in creating our experiences, I not only gained the ability to conquer my social anxiety, but also unexpectedly learned to have more compassion and understanding toward others. On a practical level, I went to my annual company picnic for the first time in 13 years.  I even joined a volleyball game, which is something that would have caused a lot of anxiety in the past. Being in the group has allowed me to progress more quickly.”

If you have been experiencing tension at home, you’ve come to the right place. Families often experience issues that are difficult and problematic. We provide results based on proven methodologies to assist families in developing more supportive, harmonious and productive relationships. It is key for individuals in a family to learn to access their innate health, separate from their habitual thinking; understanding this makes it painless to resolve problems. It is easy enough for anyone to learn at any age in family counseling.
Many parents accept a certain level of distress in their families as normal, blaming it on the “terrible two’s” or a teenager’s moodiness. There is no need to accept this. We now understand how the mind works to bring us a particular perspective on our experiences in life so we can show you how to access greater harmony in your family.

Family Counseling

We understand how to use our true nature to our advantage. Our minds change naturally and we can tap into that capacity. We also forget things naturally and we can tap into that capacity when it is to our advantage. Within a short period of time, each family member can begin to access and sustain their own innate health and wisdom.

We also offer family retreats which help families raise their overall level of consciousness to a degree that far outweighs the amount of progress that can be achieved in weekly hour-long sessions. The positive changes accomplished in retreats are sustainable over time.

Family Retreats consist of four days of focus on your family dynamics, without the usual distractions from everyday life. We will meet from one to four hours each day, depending upon what your needs are. In between this time you will spend your time with family members to get the feeling of what it’s like to spend time together in nicer states of mind. Your Family Retreat is like a family vacation, but learning and growth take place at the same time. The program is based on the three Universal Principles discovered by Sydney Banks which will effectively lead you, as individuals, to your innate health and wisdom where you can connect most effectively with your own family. Each of you will have phone or email access to your counselor for an entire year following your Retreat, to answer any questions that may arise.

For more information or to schedule your Retreat: - 860 561 1919