Individual Therapy

Do you ever think about how wonderful it would be to feel calm, relaxed, and nearly stress-free? Would you like to be happy and satisfied, while still being productive and responsible? It turns out that this is not only possible, it is as close as your own mind.

If you have been experiencing troubled waters in the area of family, work, or relationships and are having no luck resolving them, we provide a proven, result-based approach to guide you to your own personal innate health and well-being.

The awareness that you gain will serve you well for the rest of your life. In the future, you’ll find that this understanding can be applied to any new problem since it is based on Principles that are at the core of every human experience.

A recent article in the New York Times on Saturday, March 5, stated: “Recent studies suggest that talk therapy may be as good or better than drugs in the treatment of depression, but fewer than half of depressed patients now get such therapy compared with the vast majority 20 years ago.”
Many people who were on medication were surprised that their Doctors began a process of titration off their medication, as they deepened their understanding of the 3 Principles, because they were seeing the temporary nature of their experience being brought to them by their own thinking. I would call it more listening therapy than talk therapy, however; listening for insights, which we will guide you to. Insight into how we all experience life through our personal thinking leads people back to their innate health and wisdom.
Most people unnecessarily accept mental and emotional distress in their lives as normal. We now realize how the mind works to bring us a particular set of beliefs.

Individual Therapy Helps:
This discovery has led to a paradigm shift in psychology, expanding the field’s adherence to a model of health, rather than disease. Within a short period of time, you will be accessing your innate health and wisdom more often and and sustaining it for longer periods of time. Individual therapy with a 3 Principles practitioner will assist you with this.

Your thoughts are like the artist’s brush.
They create a personal picture of the reality you live in.
Pg 56, 
The Missing Link By Sydney Banks

We also offer Intensives which allow for quick leaps in awareness that far outweigh the amount of progress that can be made in weekly hour-long sessions. Those who have chosen this route have found themselves able to sustain positive changes.

Intensives consist of four days of focus on your own process without the usual distractions from everyday life. We will meet one-on-one from one to four hours each day, depending upon what your needs are. In between this time you will be offered appropriate resources such as video-tapes, audio-tapes and books to solidify understanding of what you are learning.

These programs are grounded in the Three Principles discovered and articulated by Mr. Sydney Banks which will effectively lead you to your innate health and wisdom that lies beyond your unhealthy habits of thinking.

For an entire year following your Retreat, you will have access to your counselor by phone or email to answer any questions that may arise.

“I started listening to Syd Banks back in the 70’s on Saltspring Island and treasure the audio tapes from those days. Syd was always a source of deep, deep peace for me, whether or not I understood what he was saying. I feel honored to have been in the presence of a living person who saw the Truth of life as deeply as Syd did. I continued to follow his work over the years and credit the peace he brought me for my continued heath despite a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 1986. The Three Principles have always been a compass and guide, they are in the background of all the work that I do.”

Allan Flood, M.S. | Personal Performance Counselor and Author;  Bend, Oregon has three chapters from Allan’s book Perfect Misfortune.

“The three principles have helped me to see that my thinking creates all my experiences of the world, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Things I once perceived as “reality” are only my own thoughts. …it opened me up to looking at situations in more ways than just the thought I’m having at the moment.”

Steve E, Technical Analyst, Newington, CT.

Do you experience:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Grief

  • Remorse

  • Difficult Relationships

  • Communication Difficulties

Would you like to experience:

  • Enjoyment

  • A Calm State of Mind

  • Fond Memories and Love

  • Peace of Mind

  • Understanding

  • Easy, Enjoyable Relationships

  • Enjoyable Communication

Learning that we can access our innate health in any moment and that we have the capacity to change our mind, to live in peaceful states of mind more often, and live from our wisdom rather than old, conditioned thinking, shows us that everyone has this capacity and it can become a way of life rather than a fluke.

Simply by learning how the mind works to bring about a particular experience in every moment of life has the power to relieve people of Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Stress, Difficult Relationships, Communication Difficulties, and more. - 860 561 1919