Schools and Professional Development

It has been shown that a student’s performance is directly related to their state of mind. We provide Administrator, Teacher and Parent training’s on the Three Principles behind states of mind and resiliency, in order to bring forth student’s potential.

We can assist you with problem assessment. Then through small group seminars and workshops, you will address the problems and resolve them, and finally be guided through the process of implementation and follow-through. All programs are tailor-made to the needs of the particular school. We offer a free assessment to pinpoint weaknesses within your organization and suggestions for overcoming them in our Schools and Professional Development programs.

Schools and Professional Development

You can choose between small group, leadership, and proficient team-building retreats.Retreats consist of four days where you focus on your process as a group, without the usual distractions from everyday life. We will meet from one to four hours each day, depending upon what your needs are. In between this time you will be offered appropriate resources such as video-tapes, audio-tapes and books to further your understanding of what you are learning, which will effectively lead you, as individuals and as a group, to your innate health and wisdom.

Each of you will have access to your counselor for a year following your Retreat by phone or email to answer any questions that may arise. All programs are based on the three Universal Principles discussed in Healthy Thinking, Feeling Doing From The Inside Out

Why didn’t they teach us this in school? It would have changed my entire experience of school growing up.
Middle School Teacher in Farmington, CT

Excellent Presentation and workshop: very worthwhile, Lori was clear, informative and gave excellent information.
Guidance Counselor in Granby, CT