There is a level of thinking that will bring you to a higher, wiser, more resilient state of mind, which helps bring people together and feel more connected to each other. Simply understanding how thought actually works, will help you uncover more creativity, receptivity, relationship harmony, and love.

Happiness becomes more sustainable; no longer relegated to mere chance. We offer an educational approach and we provide you with a compassionate, non-judgmental way to uncover the role you’ve innocently played in your relationship difficulties. Everything shifts with insight. 

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If you have been experiencing troubled waters in the area of family, work, or relationships and are having no luck resolving them, we provide a proven, result-based approach to guide you to your own personal innate health and well-being.The awareness that you gain will serve you well for the rest of your life. In the future, you’ll find that this understanding can be applied to any new problem since it is based on Principles that are at the core of every human experience.

Within a short period of time, you will be accessing your innate health and wisdom more often and sustaining it for longer periods of time. Individual counseling and therapy sessions with a 3 Principles coaching practitioner will assist you with this.

We also offer Intensive Retreats which allow for quick leaps in awareness that far outweigh the amount of progress that can be made in weekly hour-long sessions. Those who have chosen this route have found themselves able to sustain positive changes.

Intensives consist of four days of focus on your own process without the usual distractions from everyday life. We will meet one-on-one from one to four hours each day, depending upon what your needs are. In between this time, you will be offered appropriate resources such as video-tapes, audio-tapes and books to solidify understanding of what you are learning.

Presenting to a group of teachers and social service providers in Des Moines, Iowa, August 2017 with  Dr. Jack Pransky

Presenting to a group of teachers and social service providers in Des Moines, Iowa, August 2017 with Dr. Jack Pransky


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An Intensive Retreat program offers a paradigm for personal growth. People are far more likely to create a significant shift in their understanding and experience of life in an Intensive program than is possible in shorter time increments. We have found that people can be in years of weekly therapy sessions and not gain what is possible in an Intensive Retreat.

During the Intensive you are seen privately for up to 4 hours per day, you will be given time for reflection, and time to listen to assigned books and audio materials that assist the process. The Intensive gives you time to break through your habitual thinking, to recognize your conditioned, unhealthy thought processes that inhibit you from attaining your dreams.
You will learn how to choose to act on healthier thoughts that are more responsive to your life as it unfolds moment-by-moment. The Intensive includes 6 months of follow-up phone or email contact as needed to deepen your understanding.

Intensive Programs developed when businesses and organizations began to send an entire team of employees to learn more about the Three Principles at the core of the human experience.

Typically, this began after one person had experienced a positive outcome, on a personal basis, in a private counseling session. This was often a President or CEO, who saw the relevance for their teams and began sending entire groups for 3 or 4 days at a time. As they saw their bottom line shifting more and more into the black, they began to send more of their teams until the entire company was versed in The Three Principles and they could then help one another and continue the work, that we began for them, on their own.

When Organizations send work groups for Intensives, people are seen privately and attend evening group talks which focus on a shared concern.

This format is also used with couples and even individuals now, because we see that progress is made quicker and is everlasting when people are fully immersed in a new, healthier, way of thinking.