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About Relationships

Building a Foundation for Lasting Loving Relationships

About Relationships

About Relationships

Every relationship begins with you…

and that relationship is based upon the way you think. We each create our own reality. You can think, “I’m in love,” or you can think, “I’m not in love anymore,” you  can think, “I’m a great partner,” or you can think, “my partner doesn’t care about  me anymore.” Each will create a different outcome, if you believe it to be true. The answer is to learn about relationships and how to create the healthiest and happiest one you can imagine.

About RelationshipsIt is all thought.

There is a level of thinking that will bring you to a higher, wiser, more resilient state of mind, which helps bring people together and feel more connected to each other. Simply understanding how thought actually works, will help you uncover more creativity, receptivity, relationship harmony, and love. Happiness becomes more sustainable; no longer relegated to mere chance. Come for couples therapy, leave with a happier life.  We offer an educational approach and we provide you with a compassionate, nonjudgmental way to uncover the role you’ve innocently played in your relationship difficulties. Everything shifts with insight.   “Just like the clay of the sculpture, thought is not reality. However, our personal realities are molded via our thoughts.” The Missing Link, (page 8) Sydney Banks

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