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If you feel that parts of your life could be better, whether you are single or coupled, then let me show you how to access greater mental well-being, peace of mind, and contentment.

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About Lori Carpenos

Psychotherapist West Hartford CT - couples, family, one on one counseling - 3 Principles Therapy therapist, coach and author Lori Carpenos

Psychotherapist, LMFT, Executive Coach, 3 Principles Group Trainer, Author & Speaker


For over 33 years, as a practicing LMFT, Psychotherapist in West Hartford, CT, I have witnessed people learn how to access their innate health regardless of their situation or circumstance. My role is to coach people through transitions such as divorce, loss of a job, or a loved one. I also help people alleviate stress, depression and anxiety through a new understanding of the human mind.

You'll be surprised that in just a few private counseling sessions you will feel better, regardless of your current circumstances. There is no reason for you to not experience greater contentment and effectiveness in life. Whether you experience anxiety, depression, lack motivation, or feel unworthy, there is a new outlook waiting for you to enter.

All of this is the natural result of a simple understanding the role of Mind, Thought and Consciousness has on your life. Everyone has unlimited free-will and the capacity to steer themselves in a positive, healthy direction. We now have the manual that shows us how we function in all situations - three Principles that explain how we operate. This has proven to be enormously helpful to people.


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- Love is a feeling that comes from the energy of all things, from the creation of all life. The feeling already exists within us, it is who we are. Love is a positive feeling

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How I can help you

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If you have been experiencing troubled waters in the area of family, work, or relationships and are having no luck resolving them, we provide a proven, result-based approach to guide you to your own personal innate health and well-being. The awareness that you gain will serve you well for the rest of your life.

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An Intensive Retreat program offers a paradigm for personal growth. People are far more likely to create a significant shift in their understanding and experience of life in an Intensive program. We have found that people can be in years of weekly therapy sessions and not gain what is possible in an Intensive Retreat.

Online 3 principles therapy coaching sessions and webinars

Online course

This course will help you enjoy your life circumstances whether you are single or coupled, in the future. No matter who you are, you operate from the same three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Through interesting and fun video interviews, articles, interactions, and podcasts, you will find yourself evolve to a higher level of awareness in life.

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“I was incredibly fortunate to be introduced to an understanding of the mind that shows how life really works; it shifted my world in ways I could never imagine - it's so simple, once you see it.”


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