About Lori & 3 Principles Therapy

Individual - Family Counseling Therapist - LMFT - West Hartford CT

It all started when…

I opened a private individual, couples and family counseling practice, in 1994, to pass along something I had stumbled upon in 1985, when I was privileged to meet the late Sydney Banks. As a result, my life changed in ways I could never have imagined at that time.

Mr. Banks spoke about the Principles behind the miracle we call human experience. The more my understanding deepened through the years, the more content and satisfied I became. I experienced life much differently before I gained awareness of what lies at the core of humanity.

Prior to this realization, my life seemed difficult. Down most of the time, I cried often. Everything seemed an arduous struggle.
I had a good job and income, good friends, and a boyfriend, yet I had a pit in my stomach. I was consumed by feelings of inadequacy. I knew something was wrong, because others seemed to function with more ease

A Community of Inner Explorers
At 3 Principles Therapy, your questions and comments are encouraged. Together we can build a community of like-minded people interested in investigating the role of the 3 Principles in our lives and accessing Innate Health and well-being.

Background - 3 Principles & LMFT
I completed a yearlong post-graduate internship in Innate Health and the 3 Principles, in 1985. I later received a marriage and family therapy license (LMFT) enabling me to help others discover their own innate health.

I can’t imagine that any other work could be as enjoyable. I watch people transform from having a simple insight into having an understanding of the nature of human experience. I witness the marvelous effect of a simple understanding about how thought works. I also witness the remarkably positive effect that this understanding has on a relationship.

Therapist – Life Coach - Consultant - Facilitator - Writer
I completed another year-long training with Dr. Pransky and Associates, in 1994, with the thought that I could help impart this understanding to the business world. I have maintained private practice in West Hartford, CT as a therapist, life coach, business consultant, facilitator, and writer, ever since.