How to Instanly Make Your Life Better

Live in the Life Force rather than Life Circumstances

Ever wake up thinking something like: “Life is so difficult” — or have a day where one too many things have gone wrong, or felt as though the last straw has finally broken your strong back? I think every one of us can say we’ve had those moments, or days, or even a bad month, perhaps year; I know I certainly have. Yet at some point we arrive back at our happier, more content selves. Have you ever wondered what causes that? Resiliency. All of humanity seems to be able to bounce back from whatever misfortune has befallen them, if not right away, then — eventually.

This is what allows us to be resilient:

There are scientific, universal laws that are known as principles, which explain resiliency and the human condition. Knowing about these principles (our operating system)  and understanding them at a deep enough level will allow you to, as the title states, make your life better instantly!  We know this is possible because we’ve experienced it ourselves and we’ve witnessed it in our clients and students.

You see, these principles, or facts of life, though invisible, are always present within every human being from birth to death, during every moment of life.

  • They explain the full range of human emotions.

  • They explain why people see things differently from one another.

  • They explain why it makes no sense to take things personally.

  • They explain why we can see something one way and then see it another way, at a  future moment in time; in essence…

  • They explain the human condition in it’s totality.

When people understand these principles they automatically stop taking their thinking so seriously because these principles explain that we are making it all up, as we go along, all the time. We are not living in a reality, we live in a personal reality, whether we realize it or not.

How can we take anything we make up as gospel truth when we realize we’ve created it? Remember the first time you saw a frightening movie like, “Jaws,” and realized the shark was a mechanical device made to look real? It then became impossible to feel scared by it. Or when you uncovered the workings of a magic trick — once you understood how it worked, you couldn’t get wowed by the trick any longer. However, the very fact that this is what occurs in the human psyche is in itself magical. Some have called it a mystical experience when they wake-up to their ability to create a reality with their own thinking.
In the moments we realize we are part of nature, part of the life force behind everything, we see our circumstances as neutral, and then they don’t have a bad affect on us.
The truth is, we don’t actually “make” our life better, because that implies doing something. It’s actually about NOT doing something that makes our life better….  when we decline to entertain negative thoughts that occur to us, pay them as little attention as possible, they will drift away; on their own. If you ever forgot to study for a test in school you would have experienced how easy it is for things to drift away when we don’t tend to them.  That is the true nature of thought for each of us.

Guess what occurs when you allow your negative thoughts to drift along in the natural flow of thinking? More positive thoughts will enter your mind – naturally, without “doing” anything! In fact, wise solutions to problems, typically occur during calm moments. The solution then appears obvious and we wonder why we hadn’t seen it when were upset, mulling over and dwelling on the problem? Please don’t take my word for it — see for yourself — simply notice what naturally occurs for you when you allow yourself to be in the flow of thoughts without taking any one of them seriously. Our minds calm down, our state of mind lifts, and our life appears so much better — instantly. In the moment our mind clears our life looks much better and the experience of life is much better in those moments.