Memories of Valentine’s Past

It’s Valentine’s Day 2013, I’m reminded of a small silver charm in the shape of a heart with an arrow that spun around stopping near the words: no, maybe, yes. I was about 13 maybe. I’m now 59, the same age my mother was when she passed away. That gift touched me, I don’t recall getting any other Valentine’s gift from my parents; I wish I could ask her why that year?

It pleases me that I had this fond memory, yet I feel sorry that I didn’t know then what I’ve come to know now. I would have had more tender moments with my mother then; because I would not have judged her so negatively. I would have known how detrimental that is to a relationship. I would have felt compassion instead. I would have known why she said the things she said so her words wouldn’t hurt me. I would have known why she did the things she did so her actions wouldn’t hurt me. I would have known that her words and behaviors came from how she thought about life and things, and I wouldn’t have taken it all so personally.

The Nature Of Thought And Reality - Explained By The 3 Principles

If my mother had known about the 3 Principles she would have recognized that her own thinking was causing her anguish and then she would not have lashed out at me. She would have known to quiet her mind down before speaking to me. Had she understood the nature of thought and reality explained by the 3 Principles, she would have been more compassionate and understanding with me because she would have known that my words and behaviors were the result of my insecurities. People change from the inside-out as their understanding increases; I’ve witnessed it in myself and in my clients and colleagues. Behaviors and communication improves naturally and automatically as people gain this understanding.

I wonder what it would be like to grow up in a family where there was no judgment, and no negativity. The miracle is that future generations can learn how to do that! The explanation is in understanding how 3 simple Principles work within everyone. There are now books for all ages that explain these Principles. There’s even a book out now for young children, called What’s a Thought. There are free webinars and podcasts, available to everyone, explaining the nature of thought, why everything we think looks so real and how to avoid acting on unhealthy thoughts that will cause a bigger problem. As you read, watch or listen to these resources you’ll begin to see it for yourself. We call that an insight — seeing from within. Permanent positive change occurs through insight. By taking the time to explore further, you will give yourself the greatest gift of your life. You’ll see that love is always the answer and you’ll automatically find yourself in a state of love rather than judgement, just by virtue of finding out how the 3 Principles play out in life. As your understanding deepens so will your experience of love and you’ll notice the people around you will respond differently to you.

Lori CarpenosComment