The Secret of Love: Understand the Mystery, Unleash the Magic

After about fifty “working titles” my co-author, Chris Heath and I came up with a winner: “The Secret of Love”….   “Understand the Mystery, Unleash the Magic.” The instant all those words were spoken, I knew it was the perfect title; it really says what this book is about. Here’s an Intro to “The Secret of Love” It was filmed by Rudi and Jenny of Three Principles Movies; another resource I highly recommend.

I was also  involved with our annual Conference – which took place from Oct 23 – 26 in St. Paul, Minnessota. It was incredible. You will be able to view all the Plenarys and every breakout session once they are loaded on the 3PGC site –. I had the pleasure of presenting a break-out on being a 3 principles practitioner with an ER Nurse and a Psychologist who was a Banker and a client of a Principles based Psychologist who then decided to switch careers and return to school for his Doctorate with the intention of sharing the Principles with his clients. I also had the pleasure of co-facilitating with Dr. Joe Bailey, at the end of the conference for a group of fifty people sharing the insights they had during the conference. There was so much “Aloha” spirit at this conference that it felt more like a Retreat than a Psychological conference. Everyone is welcome; maybe you will join me for next year’s conference?

The conference inspired the blog I’m going to write next. It will be about how the 3 Principles provide a paradigm shift away from looking at what is wrong with people; diagnosing people in order to “fix” them….. toward a health based Psychology that points people in the direction of their innate health and well-being. I hope to have that story in your mailbox very soon. Thank you for your patience! Back to editing:

“The Secret of Love.”

Be Well and Happy Fall


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