Overcoming our "to do" list

I was driving home from my yoga class last Saturday during the start of our first snowfall of the year. It approached slowly, like a white cat who didn’t want to be noticed.

It was a joy to be out in it, as everything began to slow down, and the roads were still safe enough to not feel scared as I drove the terrain. Life felt like a movie in slow motion. Traffic slowed, people walked with care, all in an effort to stay safe. I felt fully present; a feeling I wanted to savor. Fewer cars, people, no hustle, bustle.

As I drove home, ever more slowly, in the flow of traffic, I realized how good it felt and by comparison how speeded up I had become lately.

It’s so easy to get all caught up in the maelstrom of everyday life, trying to get things accomplished and tick off the never ending “to-do” list. Today’s early afternoon slow down was a much needed antidote to my typical busy-ness.

When I’m caught up in it, I’m  not even aware of the fact that I could slow down.  Realizing now — if I can slow down and get present, in a snowstorm, I can do it anytime. Slowing down brought the gift of higher quality thoughts, as it usually does. I love these reminders.
As I drove down the street, my immediate world seemed to take on a pleasant patina. Driving became fun and exciting, instead of just another chore to accomplish. The pure white landscape gave way to a mysterious white fog, as twilight approached. All seemed so quiet outside, that I felt compelled to turn the radio down low. There were plenty of errands to tend to, but I decided to go straight home to write. Quiet is a beautiful feeling; I wanted to envelope myself in it.

I’m wondering what you did during the storm, what you thought about, and if it affected you differently. Please leave a comment if you’d like to share with the rest of us. Might make a fun topic for our next Tuesday night group session!

Lori Carpenos