I Looked in The Mirror and Didn´t See Wrinkles Anymore!

form and formless - mind thought and consciousness

A love affair really does begin with a love affair with you. 

In fact, I didn’t see “me” at all. I didn’t see what I would typically see. I didn’t see my physical reflection, I didn’t see the person who wasn’t very clear in yesterday’s meeting or the one who got embarrassed making eye contact with the handsome stranger in Whole Foods. I saw beyond all of that, I saw right through to my essence and I fell deeply in love.

In love with the ability to experience being a human in this magical mystical place, we call planet earth, suspended in a Universe of cosmic energy. It blew my mind. It only lasted for a moment, I think I could have stayed with it longer but that was all I needed — a brief glimpse to remember who I really am.

We are not our story, we are the essence behind the story:

It’s the same for every human on earth. I couldn’t help but think that if everyone could have that brief moment where the truth was revealed – not the story we make up about our lives, but the essence behind all life. We would remember what a miracle it is to be able to experience Creation, as well as our individual thoughts emanating from the power to create a personal experience through our ability to think and be conscious of what we think.
How can you not fall in love with the mystical universal experience, we all share? That Universal experience is who we really are – we are the ability to experience Creation. We also experience the ability to create in our personal worlds, and experience our personal creations as well. We are so much more than our physical being.

What does this have to do with our daily lives?

It becomes so easy to notice when we start to go down the tube of upset. It becomes automatic to catch ourselves the instant we feel “off” our mark. By this I mean, that when you spend time in the flow of life and out of your head about what you think life is, or what it should bring you, or what you deserve, you will feel calm and secure. It’s an automatic thing. It becomes the norm, your default setting and you’ll notice when you’re not there and you’ll want to get back “there” to that good feeling so much that you’ll take a straight line back, not a jagged one through emotions and upsets. Just right toward better feeling states. The cleanest, fastest way is to let go of non-productive thoughts that cause you to feel bad. Thinking about it won’t change it, thinking about it will only take us away from a nicer feeling state where we all function better.

Turning a glimpse of pure consciousness into a way of life:

I can’t imagine how these glimpses that help me in my personal world would happen for me had I not known that it is Mind, Thought and Consciousness that brings me my personal experience every moment of my life as a human being. Mind, Thought and Consciousness are the 3 principles that were uncovered in 1972 via a spiritual epiphany that a man named Sydney Banks, experienced.

To me, it was the Holy Grail that everyone wants but most of us have been looking for it in the wrong direction. Humanity has been looking in the world of form for the answers that are already within, invisible and immeasurably valuable to humankind.

These Principles, once understood by enough people, will definitely bring peace on earth. We each have the opportunity to understand them for our own peace within and to understand how we get a personal view of this mystical thing we call Creation.
In the last thirty years of my life, my understanding of these simple, yet extraordinarily profound principles has deepened.

What Sydney Banks saw in a moment in time, takes most of us a lifetime to SEE. Perhaps because to fully understand the depth and breadth of what was revealed to Mr. Banks, we have to find it through insight, not through our analytic minds, and we’re so accustomed to depending upon our analytic mind for answers. It’s not something that can be taught or learned, it can only be uncovered from the depth of our own soul — where we already know and knew before we covered up our spiritual essence with personal, conditioned thinking.

We can all sense a formless energy behind the physical world we know:

We exist in what seem to be two worlds — the formless world of spirit and the physical world formed by our use of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. We can use these gifts in a healthy, helpful, productive manner or we can use them in a destructive, unhealthy manner. Most of us don’t realize that we also have the gift of free-will to choose which thoughts we make our own and go forward with and which we let pass us by with nary a second glimpse, knowing full well how destructive it would be to follow them. Thought is the bridge between the world of form and formlessness for humanity so that we can know Creation.

“Form and formless are intertwined in this world. The formless can only be expressed in form and form can only be thought with the formless.”
— Swami Vivekananda

Mr. Banks saw that the world of form and formlessness are the same. He did his absolute best to show anyone who would listen. I listened with as quiet a mind as I could. I have had glimpses of the oneness of the world of form and of formlessness, and it is a beautiful, serene, magnificent experience.

Each year that I look in the direction of the formless energy from which we derive. I SEE it more and more. I cannot begin to tell you how much easier, simpler and more lovely it makes life on planet earth — you’d have to SEE it for yourself.