Seeing Life as an Ever-present Potential for Love

This sentence emerged in an email to a friend, “It’s about seeing life as an ever-present potential for love.” I loved it – came out of the blue and it left me with a feeling that led me toward further exploration and to write a blog of what came from reflection and what might come as I write.

LOVE - Mind, Thought and Consciousness

I know that when I am in the feeling of love, whatever I rest my eyes on, loving thoughts will expand that feeling state. It is as though I am looking through some sort of love lens – flowers are more brilliant in color, skies are more beautiful – even the cloudy, dreary ones appear mysterious and inviting. Everything around me becomes more rich, deep, and full.

This makes sense from the perspective of the interplay between Mind, Thought and Consciousness – the principles behind life itself. The principles that are completely responsible for every experience of our lives.

Mind, Thought, and Consciousness are the sum total of writer, producer, director, actors and set designers of our moment to moment experience – why not imbue that with one utterly amazing ingredient:  LOVE? The only thing that can ever get in the way of that is negative thinking! How amazing is that? So then, once negative thinking is out of the picture, what's left is Pure Love; unadulterated, unencumbered, undeniable Love, Pure Consciousness, Oneness, Divine Grace... whatever words you want to use, everyone knows what that feeling is. I don't think it gets any more spiritual than that.